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Introducing: thisisneverthat

Hailing from Korea, thisisneverthat brings a steady supply of streetwear staples to the Garbstore roster for AW22.

While Japan has long been considered Asia’s foremost nation when it comes to cutting-edge fashion, the last several years have seen this title come into contention following South Korea’s rapid rise to prominence.  

Having already established an¬†unavoidable presence overseas¬†through¬†the¬†dominating¬†musical¬†force that is K-Pop,¬†an international appreciation has¬†gradually¬†been growing for one of the country's other¬†notable¬†exports ‚Äď fashion.¬†

Although many labels have played a part in amassing South Korea’s cultural cache, one name stands above the rest, that name being thisisneverthat. 

Established in 2009 by Cho Nadan, Park¬†Inwook¬†and Choi¬†Jonkyu,¬†TINT¬†has¬†spent over a decade gaining traction whilst defining¬†a niche within the landscape of contemporary streetwear.¬†Amalgamating influences from the likes of Supreme and St√ľssy whilst¬†providing its own unique flair, the brand leans heavily into¬†casual¬†staples, imbuing tees,¬†sweatshirts¬†and hats¬†with an array of¬†graphics that range from clean and minimal to¬†loud and colourful.¬†

Alongside such staples however, come a range of other offerings which hint at the brand‚Äôs true greatest strength ‚Äď its versatility.¬†Unafraid to venture outside of typical streetwear territory, the brand‚Äôs collections have come to encompass traditional denim¬†pieces,¬†preppy¬†knitwear and even more technically inclined outerwear.¬†

Building upon the blueprint set forth by its forebears, thisisneverthat has come to represent the best of South Korea’s street fashion, holding its own against industry heavyweights whilst maintaining a uniquely Korean perspective. The brand’s impact has also not gone unnoticed within the wider industry, having earned enough recognition to helm collaborative projects with a host of leading labels, including Garbstore favourites Gramicci, Clarks Originals and New Balance. 

So, whether you’re more inclined towards subtle spell-outs or something more statement-worthy, thisisneverthat has you covered, and will definitely be worth keeping an eye on. 

Explore the brand's AW22 range now, online & in-store.

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