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With winter now truly upon us, we’ve said goodbye to long sunny days, and with them our warm-weather wardrobes. Alongside this seasonal shift comes the need for more suitable pieces which can hold up to the elements.

Whether through sudden downpours, gale-force winds or ice-cold temperatures, winter brings an elemental onslaught that you don’t want to be caught off-guard by. Thankfully, The Garbstore has the goods to kit you out for the worst of conditions, with pieces from the likes of Goldwin, nanamica and thisisneverthat coming equipped with an array of technologies to keep you warm, dry and cosy. 

That being said, if you don’t know your PERTEX from your Polartec, we’ve made this handy guide to help you find which pieces are best suited to your needs. 


A name synonymous with outdoor apparel, GORE-TEX has long since established itself as an industry leader when it comes to high-performance fabrics. With the tagline ‘guaranteed to keep you dry’, the brand’s self-assurance is matched only by the quality of its products – while the ever-reliable 2L membrane fabric serves as a go-to for everyday rainproofing, the brand now offers an array of technologies, such as the premium-grade GORE-TEX INFINIUM for increased breathability, durability and moisture transfer. Find it in Goldwin's GORE-TEX INFINIUM Puffy Coat Black


A synthetic fabric most commonly utilized in fleeces and knits, Polartec has been developed with high-loft fibres, meant to trap warmth and provide insulation. The brand offers several variations on this technology, with Polartec Power Grid also ensuring improved breathability whilst reducing mass. Find this used in Goldwin’s High Loft Fleece Jacket Heather Grey


While down filling has been an integral component of winter wardrobes since the early 20th century, this technology still offers technical benefits to the modern-day wearer. Utilizing natural down fibres and feathers commonly from mature waterfowl, this component offers insulation and heat retention in even the coldest environments. Available in various grades such as 800 FLP white duck down, which offers superior softness and reduces mass whilst still offering premium insulation. Find this used in Taion's Down Work Jacket Dark Olive


A lightweight synthetic fabric engineered for use in sporting and outdoor activities, PERTEX offers water resistance without inhibiting breathability and flexibility, in addition to being both moisture-wicking and tear resistant. Now offered in several iterations, this technology is a mainstay of performance apparel brands the world over. Find this used in Gramicci's Pertex Packable Trousers Navy


Intended primarily for use in outdoor and sporting apparel, THERMOLITE materials are engineered with Polyester fibres meant to enable heat retention, despite a lightweight form. Versatility is key for this material, which can be utilized in baselayers, mid, or even outer layers. Find it used in thisisneverthat's SP Sherpa Fleece Jacket Stone Beige

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