"Introducing the family duo behind some of our favourite ceramics." Aida Dirse is a creator of the hand carved, hand painted ceramic bowls that have become so popular in store at Couverture. Forming a creative partnership with her husband Saulius the pair have a laid back approach to their craft. Working from their home in Lithuania, producing the firing their ceramics outdoors when the weather allows. Aida's Ceramic bowls have a modern folk-style appeal, each with a textured exterior and brightly coloured interior bearing unique patterned design. Often experimenting with abstract dots or delicate brushstrokes each pattern is impeccably detailed and alluring. Painted free hand, Aida says she enjoys decorating each bowl, with the painting process becoming her form of meditation. Ceramics from Aida and Saulius have become a cherished fixture within our homeware collection, each year offering beautifully crafted one of a kind pieces loved by both staff and customers alike.