Rebuild by Needles

Shop the latest instalment from avant-garde project, Rebuild by Needles. The brainchild of Nepenthes head Keizo Shimizu, the Japanese based brand explores Shimizu's unique aesthetic presenting an innovative take on repurposed vintage. Highlights include the Rebuild Crewneck rebuilt from vintage American sweatshirts.


With a love of American heritage and a unique vision, Monitaly's roots are in the preservation of heritage culture and the re-working of vintage designs. Expertly crafted with attention to detail, 'every stitch has a soul’. A stand out piece is the Reversible Mock Neck Pullover, made from their Vancloth fabric: lightweight, soft to the touch, water-repellent and wind-resistant; these innovative styles are built to stand the test of time.

Shuttle Notes

Shuttle Notes is the story of a Japanese fabric mill turned producer. Incorporating traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the newest innovative practices and technologies, Shuttle Notes offer a collection of utilitarian garments created from their own unique, individual and sometimes quirky woven fabrics.