Since its beginning in 2014, Lo-Fi has had a strong focus on its in house merchandise, offering a range of skate-oriented products drawing inspiration from forgotten pop culture, fringe cultures and the obsolete.

Lo-Fi founder Garth Mariano is also the co-founder of Butter Goods, a venture started with his childhood friend and inspired by their shared love of skating. The pair quit their jobs to study graphic design back in 2007, started making their first run of tees, infused with their taste in clothing, hip-hop music and style.

We talked to founder Garth Mariano, to get an insight into his workspace, music tastes and thrifting tips.



Are there any features / items in your workspace that are super special to you?

The Plant Function graphic was a fun one. Was a collage graphic I made sitting with a bunch of old plant and science books during lockdown here.

How do you chill out post-work?

Usually the routine goes, take my dog for a walk, then come home, throw on a record and cook some dinner. Try and have a show on the go to zone out with, The Sopranos, Freaks & Geeks, Last Man On Earth, Better Call Saul been a few faves of late.

Jazz music seems like it holds a special place in your home and work, how and when did you come to find Jazz?

My earliest memories of liking jazz was when I was quite young, through my Mum listening to Vince Jones.

He's an Australian jazz artist. His style is very ballad heavy, super relaxing. It always made me feel good. But also music in skate videos was super influential to me when I was a teenager. I would write down the songs I liked in 411s. I got heavy in to hip-hop, and once I discovered what sampling was, I fell down the rabbit hole and it opened me up to a world of genres, jazz included.

Top 3 Jazz records that you’d recommend to a newbie?

Damn, that's hard to pick 3... Some classics for me.

Miles Davis - A Kind of Blue
Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds
Donald Byrd - Black Byrd

We love all things Snoopy, and see you do too! Which Snoop is your fav that you own?

Maybe this snoopy latch hook rug.



Any tips for thrift stores / swap meets? What are some of your favourite pick ups from in the last year?

Only tip is go often and go early haha. I generally buy a lot of stupid stuff haha. I got a box of old RAM music magazines from the 70s/80s last weekend. I love getting lost in old print.