Driven by a desire to radically reimagine the landscape of the fashion industry in an increasingly eco-conscious world, it’s safe to say that Story mfg. is probably doing more than most in their pursuit for a greener planet. Armed with herbs, leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, and an army of skilled artisans, husband and wife team Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi have set out to prove that sustainability within fashion is not impossible.

Story mfg.’s kind approach to fashion is characterised by a spectrum of radiant natural dyes and a healthy dose of psychedelic imagery, creating a unique aesthetic which is unmistakably their own. Based out of Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India, a quiet township which houses some of the most remarkable natural dye traditions and craftspeople in the world, Story mfg. looks to keep shining a light on traditional techniques that work with, rather than against nature.

Named after the idiom of improbability “Fil Mish-Mish,” which is similar to when someone says, ‘when pigs can fly,’ SS21 for Story mfg. is the collection that almost never was. For many brands COVID 19 turned the production process on its head and given the particularly turbulent manner of the pandemic in India, completing the collection was never a certainty.

For Story mfg., it’s all about slowing it down and embracing the process. The Polite Pullover passes through one hundred pairs of hands during the making process and each pair of hands embodies a lifetime of dedication to a single craft.