Q&A with Rachel Landon from Wilder Botanics | Couverture & The Garbstore

Q&A with Rachel Landon from Wilder Botanics

With its long days and cold weather, January can be a challenging month at the best of times. That’s why we have consulted a wellness expert and herbalist in Wilder Botanics’ Rachel Landon to discuss …
Introducing: Shrimps | Couverture & The Garbstore

Introducing: Shrimps

Hannah Weiland’s London-based label Shrimps leads the conversation on cruelty-free fashion without compromising on style, creating a cocktail of romantic silhouettes, whimsical prints and luxury fabri…
The Monochrome Edit | Couverture & The Garbstore

The Monochrome Edit

Make styling simple and opt for a dynamic colour combo for your home and wardrobe. Shop black and white with a little help from womenswear favourites Naya Rea & Raquel Allegra, as well as lifestyle labels OYOY & more.
Q&A with Rocío & Jorge From Simuero | Couverture & The Garbstore

Q&A with Rocío & Jorge From Simuero

Founded by Rocío and Jorge in their home of Valencia, Simuero Jewellery explores organic shapes made by hand in their workshop in the heart of the city.
Q&A With Molly Mahon | Couverture & The Garbstore

Q&A With Molly Mahon

British printmaker Molly Mahon splits her time between the UK and Rajasthan, India, where she works with local craftspeople who carefully craft her pieces using ethical production and sustainable materials.
Wellness For The Body | Couverture & The Garbstore

Wellness For The Body

We’re kicking off 2022 with the mantra ‘New Year, New Habits’, which includes taking time out of our busy schedules to look after the body & mind. To help you get started, we’ve targeted three mai…
Garbstore meets... Perfectly Imperfect | Couverture & The Garbstore

Garbstore meets... Perfectly Imperfect

  Ever wanted to know what your favourite designers, creatives or podcasters thought about? Excellent, us too. It turns out there is a newsletter that has all of that and more. Perfectly Imperfect are…
Win Our Wellness Hamper | Couverture & The Garbstore

Win Our Wellness Hamper

We want to start your self-care journey off right by offering you the chance to win our hamper worth over £150. Our prize features products from our favourite brand’s, including Wilder Botanics, Neigh…
Introducing: Bassike | Couverture & The Garbstore

Introducing: Bassike

Bassike (pronounced basic) in both name and nature, the Australian-based label brings a taste of balmy Sydney summers to Coverture, with its collection of high quality, sustainably sourced wardrobe es…
5 British Self-Care Brands You Need to Know | Couverture & The Garbstore

5 British Self-Care Brands You Need to Know

The world is opening up again and with that comes excitement, but it can also be an overwhelming time, adjusting back to the norm. Take some time for yourself with just a few of our favourite product…
Downtime Editorial | Couverture & The Garbstore

Downtime Editorial

From a chef who practises the tradition of lion dancing, a ceramicist specialising in earthenware Pokémon and Legomen, and a group of dancers who roller-skate as part of the Afro-Caribbean Skate Socie…
Q&A With Hannah & Melissa Collett from Worme | Couverture & The Garbstore

Q&A With Hannah & Melissa Collett from Worme

When you think of silk, the first words that come to mind are luxury, sophistication, timelessness - now you can add Worme to the list, a London-based label founded by sisters Melissa and Hannah Colle…